Joshua’s Big Dreams

“Disneyland Resorts” constantly comes out of Joshua’s mouth and you can see those big blue eyes just waiting for me and his dad to say, “Why yes, Joshua, we will go to Disneyland Resorts on…” He honestly loves the big D., the world of total fantasy, where he would love for his dreams to come true. Phil and I enjoy the gentle requests for a short period of time as it does become a kind of game to Joshua. He will grin and we just tease him and say something like “no Disneyland Resorts” for Joshua; of course, we use a funny voice when we tell him. Mickey, Donald, Jack Sparrow, Winnie the Pooh tempt him to come and play on the islands where he can swim and explore and go on adventures.

Mr. Disney had the vision when he decided to create this giant amusement park of rides and entertainment and eateries. Togetherness, bringing people closer to one another in a fun way that they don’t forget. Experencing other cultures on one huge piece of land without an airline ticket, I wonder if he knew how far his idea would actually would go?

Is Walt looking down and seeing all the happy generations of customers who have fantastic memories of the amenties of his imagination? Of course he started small but man has that “small” gotten extra extra large. No one seems to mind. for Joshua, it’s fun and silly, it’s Tigger bouncing on his tail and irritating Rabbit and Donald Duck getting pranked by his nephews. Joshua’s Disney is Prince Alladin and Princess Jasmine, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and her fairy Godmothers arguing over the color of her dress. Woody and Buzz Light Year finally becoming friends after Woody realizes that he can share Andy not be abandoned from his heart. I believe Joshua learns from Disney movies, at least that friendships are important, love is stronger than all the bad in the world and sometimes wishes can come true. I know mine did. I had him and he has us. Guess that’s why he clings to the vacation that he so desparately wants to take, it’s a fantasy, a get away to something far away and in his mind he may already be there when watches his movies. Think I’ll take a vacation right now. London, please, I’m scheduled to see a Ms. Poppins.


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