Such a Teaser!

The roads are finally clear to drive on

 without a trace of winter on them,

 even the ground is clear with brown grass

 left behind and plants wanting to bloom too early.

 No heavy coats to wear,

no weighing down of heavy boots to walk on the snow.

No exercising caution to avoid

the glossy patches on the asphalt and sidewalks.

The shovels are left hanging on their hooks,

waiting to be used again for the next big storm,

even though their owners are hoping they stay put.

People outside playing with their kids,

pushing them on swings, walking thier dogs,

just enjoying  the cure for being winter’s captive,

even if it is a temporary pleasure.

Warm sun gently touches the earth and freshens the air

confusing the minds who want an end

to the cold, to leave heavy clothing behind

because the letdown happens when the cold returns

That sunlight,  that warm air, such a teaser!


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